The skys awake, so I’m awake.

Ok, so the sky isn’t really awake. Actually where I am the sky is typically dark, rising at 7:30 and setting at 4:30. But even now at 5am,  I am as wide awake as I was at noon. No, that’s another lie, I was asleep at noon. I have been home from school for over a week now and have been taking great advantage of the fact that I have no school, work, or responsibilities, and the result has been me sleeping, all. the. time. When I’m at school I normally try not to take naps a) because I don’t have time, and b) because I want to be able to fall asleep at night. But since I’ve been here I find myself falling asleep everywhere; on the couch after I just woke up, in the car on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, at the kitchen table, on the couch again in the middle of the day, any chance I get I just doze off. Now I know the reason is because I have been very ill the past few months, which has been the reason for my blog post disappearance, and I haven’t had the proper time to appropriately take care of myself. So when I got home it was like 3 months of sleep finally caught up with me. But now I’m sitting here, wide awake. At 5am. With nothing to do. I know this is a time when I really should be tired. I know that I need to sleep, that I have to drive 2 hours to school tomorrow, that I have class and work. I know all of these things need to happen starting in around 2 and a half hours. But I also know that I cannot sleep, there is not time for sleep. All my mind can think about is conquering the world. And I don’t mean that in a dictatorish sort of way, I mean it in a hopelessly broke wanderlusting college student sort of way. I’m going to the UK in exactly a month from yesterday, and I’ve traveled to Europe before, but my travel companion/best friend/partner-in-crime hasn’t, so I’m excited but not in the stressed sort of way. Maybe once I finish my finals for my fall semester at college I’ll have more time to go over every little thing that could go wrong while on our trip, but right now I’m blissfully content pinning things onto my UK Invasion pinterest board. Well, since by the time this will be posted it will be around 6am, I might as well get some coffee in me, and get on with my day.