3000 Miles can’t stop us

People usually meet their best friends at school, or in their neighborhoods growing up. But I didn’t meet my best friends at school or at home, I met them at work. Now I know that doesn’t seem like that interesting of a concept. Especially when you have my summer job where I’m working with the same people everyday for ten weeks. But the interesting thing about my friends is that despite the fact we live nowhere near each other, we’ve remained extremely close. I have posted previously about being somewhat alone while I am at school, the same is for when I visit my hometown. Of course I still have some of those people that I see while I visit home, at this point its merely a formality,  other than those times my childhood friends and I don’t speak on a daily basis. In some strange event, when I left high school, I had a large falling out with my former best friend of nine years. She is a very nice girl, we just didn’t work anymore. Which made me quite sad, having that feeling that everything you felt was right and comfortable with your life, really wasn’t all along. But you’re supposed to go to college and find your forever friends. I thought I had when I came to school, I had a very solid group of friends that I spent nearly every day with. But so is life, we grew apart. It was a mutual thing, everyone got too busy doing their own thing, then viola, alone again.


So when I went to work at my summer job I didn’t expect to be anything other than pleasant acquaintances with anyone.Then I met Jake and Ebony. I really don’t care if I use their real names, they probably will never read this. But we spent the summer becoming extremely close, which only made the end of the summer harder, because Ebony lived in Wisconsin, which honestly isn’t that far from me. But Jake, no Jake just had to live in England. I chose the person who lived 3000 miles away from me to be my best friend. I unprofessionally cried the entire ride back from work on a bus full of children. I had finally found people that I felt genuinely cared about me as a person. It wasn’t superficial as most of my other friendships had been. We knew that after the summer was over that we really wouldn’t be forced into any social situations together again, and in the case of Jake ever again. That was what really killed me, I didn’t know if I would ever see these people, that I wanted in my life every day, again. We had the option of never speaking again, but we did, quite often. 

For most of my life I though people had one best friend, that it was a singular person, but growing up I realize that its not. I have two best friends that I love equally. I care about both of them the same. There is no competition, just love. I watch a lot of tv and movies, so the best way I can think to describe both of them is through relating them to dynamic duos I’ve seen on screen.10374873_10204528047948059_6676640565796364251_n

Ebony is the Maya Rudolph to my Kristen Wiig. Plain and simple. We do stupid shit all the time, anyone who listens to our conversations thinks that we are clinically insane. We have the ability to be serious, but we both can make each other laugh so hard our abs hurt. We balance each other out. I’m soft, she’s punk. She’s calm, I’m a maniac. I knock her off her soap box, and she reminds me that I have one to stand on. 

Jake and I on the other hand are like Merlin and Arthur on BBC’s Merlin, we tease each other, and piss each other off, but at the end of the day we care about each other. When we have something nerdy to talk about, we talk to one another. When new episodes of our favorite TV shows are on, we have to watch them at the same time, despite time differences. We one day watched the newest episode of Sherlock, which was on at 8 pm for him, but it was only 2 pm by me, but that didn’t stop us. It has been quite remarkable that 3000 miles hasn’t stopped our friendship.10491980_10204528088309068_5285717254038040977_n

When the three of us are together, everything just works. Even just laying on my couch watching movies is enough for us. We have so many inside jokes, people must hate us. But I know, that if I needed anything, a hand to hold, a punch in the boob, or a couch to sleep on, that I have it. In multiple states and countries. These people are so precious to me that I can’t imagine a future without them, whether they know it or not. They are intelligent, creative, kind, wonderful people, who make me a better person, and remind me that I deserve everything out of life. And I hope that they think the same of me. 

The most important thing that I get from their friendship, is that I finally feel like I am enough. 

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