“Get back in the kitchen”

That phrase for most of my life was directed at me because I was a woman. It was deragtory, trying to put me in my place because of my gender.
So when I joined a sorority full of independent and ambitions woman, I never expected to hear those words. But now I hear them on a daily basis. They’re not saying it in the make me a sandwich kind of way, but at this point I don’t know which meaning is worse. During recruitment there are hundreds of girls coming in and out of our house on a daily basis. So we create intricate rotations so that everyone can talk to everyone and what not. Well sometimes in those rotations certain people are sent to the kitchen to prepare food and water to bring around to the girls. Now to anyone this doesn’t seem like anything at all. But to someone who sat in the kitchen for 5 hours everyday for a week while everyone else got to hang out catch up with their sisters. It also means something when everyone in the kitchen is the same kind of person as you. Those of us in the kitchen aren’t the picture of sorority life. I choose sweats and a tshirt over a well planned outfit. My accessories are hair bands and friendship bracelets. My hair ends up in a messy bun most days. And I can quote the entire Avengers movie. So they don’t put me on display, they hide me in the kitchen with all the other irregulars. Which kind of hurts. In a sorority that boasts a value in individuality, I feel like my individuality is being punished. I could be the kind of girl they want me to be, but then I would be lying. So I get told to get back in the kitchen, because who I am isn’t good enough and they don’t want me to recruit anyone like me. Because then their would be too many people in the kitchen. But what I think they don’t realize is that their are girls like me going through recruitment, who are looking for a place to call home, who are just as lost as I was when I came to college. At this point I think I would much rather be told to go in the kitchen for being a girl than for who I am as a person. I also think, I might still be in high school.


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