Sam’s Pinterest Cycle of Self-destruction

I go through these phases, where I become really idealistic, and get caught up in my daily pinterest perusing, and believe that I live in a world soft light, soft focus, and soft curls. When really I live in a world of drastic weather changes, sweatpants, and messy buns. Whenever I am on pinterest, I get the feeling that it’s important to give a s**t about the way you look, to have your life in order, and your eyebrows on point. But then I try and try and try to recreate those pictures I see of people and their picture perfect lives, and it all spirals down from there. So here is my Pinterest cycle of self-destruction

1.  After hours of scrolling over the same things on Tumblr, and not giving a crap about anything happening on Facebook, open Pinterest

2. Realize that the reason I’m seeing nothing but furniture on my screen is because that time last spring when I was trying to redecorate your room and followed a bunch of modern interior design boards.

3. Open women’s fashion tab

4.  Look through the pictures, until it becomes a blur of boot socks and high waisted skirts.

5. Realize that I’m wearing the same pair of sweatpants that I’ve been wearing all week.

6. Find that one pin, that magnificent pin, that is everything you want to be (a the time being).

7.  Figure out that the item/s in that pin are way out of your price range

8. Try to improvise with what clothes you already have

9. Try variations of combinations, laying them all on your bed.

10. Try on all of the combinations

11. Get frustrated

12. Put sweat pants and Batman Tshirt back on

13. Open up Hair & Beauty tab

14. Think: well at least my hair and makeup can look good 

15.  Find a picture tutorial of something that looks simple enough that you can do it.

16. Burn yourself with curling Iron

17. Redo eyeliner enough times that you look like you’ve been punched in the eye

18. Give up and put hair in bun with your glasses on to cover your makeup tracks

20. Open up the Food & Drink tab

21. Make yourself hungry

22. Decide that you’ve had such a trying day that you couldn’t be bothered to cook

23. Order Chinese food

24. Accept the fact that you have a year round pass for the struggle bus

25. Go on tumblr

26. Repeat steps 1-25. Daily





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