This is not my city


I live around half an hour away from downtown Chicago. I have been down there more times than I can count and I know my way around without using a map. But yesterday when a family approached me about finding great pizza place in the city, I had no idea what to tell them. Today I was reading an article in the Chicago Tribune that Rick Steves had written about Salzburg (where I lived in Europe), when I realized that even the outskirts of town I knew better than the Chicago. I find this happening quite a bit to me. If I see people posting pictures from Salzburg I get so excited, but when friends post pictures in front of the bean in Chicago, I just scroll past. My most recent trip to the city with my friends, I was less than enthusiastic. When showing my British friends around the city, I kept finding myself saying, hey here is a building, the most exciting thing is being at the top of it, however you must shell out all of your money and wait in like for 2 hours to get to the top. Or hey, this is a silver bean, it’s the one place you are allowed to take a mirror selfie without anyone judging you. I have no idea why it is here or what important purpose it serves, but uh, well, aw screw it let’s go get pizza. DSC00037

The closest thing we have to the magnificence of 800 year old churches is whats called out museum park, where the field museum, aquarium, and planetarium, all hang out in the shadow of our football stadium that looks like a UFO landed in ancient rome. Here I don’t feel the need to slow down and look around because everything just looks like a tall glass building where hundreds of people work hard everyday so that they can take a vacation away from that glass building.


I feel more at home in Salzburg, somewhere I lived for 4 months, than I do in Chicago where I have lived my entire life. Every day I spend here just keeps reaffirming what I already know. I don’t belong here anymore, it’s not my city. There are so many more for me to find and call my won